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Jo Boehme

Jo is an occupational therapist with more than 25 years experience helping adults with varied health concerns including arthritis, balance problems and movement disorders. She was certified by Dr. Paul Lam as a Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor in 2005.

Judi Hayden

Judi was intrigued by the health benefits of Tai Chi as developed by Dr. Lam and wanted to learn more. As she participated in classes, she was impressed with the quality of the teaching, the worldwide organization, and the documented health benefits. As Judi saw the progress Tai Chi students made each week and heard individual stories of how Tai Chi had helped them, she knew that being a Tai Chi for Health instructor would be rewarding on all levels.

Michelle Klawonn

Michelle has been a Tai Chi for Health student for four years and received her instructor training Aug 2011. "I have arthritis and a neuromuscular disorder called Dystonia. Tai chi has improved my balance and range of motion. Most importantly, it has kept me flyfishing. Before tai chi I was afraid I would have to give up fishing. I'm glad I didn't. "